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Welcome to Elk Mountain Tents!

At Elk Mountain Tents we strive to provide the highest quality wall tents with the most options at an affordable price.




If you are looking for a light weight, durable wall tent, with more standard options than other wall tents on the market, then an Elk Mountain Tent is the right choice for you.

Our wall tents are true four season wall tents that are perfect for hunting, camping, emergency shelters, or your special event.


Why an Elk Mountain Tent:

Our canvas wall tents come with standard features that you have to pay extra for with other wall tent companies.  Depending on the size of tent you order it will come with either 4 or 6 screened windows.  If you are like me and find yourself hunting in September or setting it up in the summer for family events,  having those extra windows in your canvas wall tent can make a big difference. 

In addition to the windows our wall tents come with ridge openings.  This service two main purposes.  First, this allows you to do a back country no frame set up, by allowing you to run a rope or log  through the ridge openings.  Second, this provides a way to adjust for air circulation or temperature control.  The ridge openings can be easily opened and closed by a draw strings.  The draw sting is a very handy features, due to your wall tent ridge being 8 1/2 feet tall.

Elk Mountain Tents also provides more angle pieces then any other company that we have found.  This allows you to build a complete frame including the ability to have poles that run along the ground.  We believe having these additional angle pieces and poles gives you a better wall tent.  Having the poles along to bottom helps keep your wall poles in place and the tent square.  Having the poles along the bottom also help when placing a floor and sealing the bottom side of the tent. 

You will also find ties on the inside of our cavas tents that allow you to attached the wall tent canvas to the poles.  This helps assure your canvas is staying in the correct position as well as limiting the cavas from flapping in the wind. 








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