“Canvass” Tents, or is it “Canvas” Tents?

“Canvass Tents” is a misspelling!

canvas tent in woods

However, interestingly, “canvass” is a real word, so it often doesn’t register as a misspelling when researching tents. Canvass (the misspelling that has an extra s) is a verb meaning to examine or discuss thoroughly but can also mean  to conduct a survey.

Check out The Grammarist for more details.

Camp in Style – We’ve been Featured!

We are super excited to announce that Gadget Review has featured our canvas tents in a short online article! If you’re a fan of your Elk Mountain Tent, go visit the site and leave a comment!

Why Hunters Like Elk Mountain Tents

Hunting is a primal sport that has assumed many roles to the human race. In the beginning, hunting was the only way our ancestors could get food, so it was vital that everyone learn to hunt in some fashion or another. However, even though in our day and age, since we have the conveniences of modern life, we don’t have to hunt for our meat, hunting is still a loved part of American tradition. It is a way for family members to bond, a way to get out into nature and relax, and, of course, a great way to bring home some nice wild meat. Another reason why hunting is great is that it offers so many different types and styles of hunts to accommodate just about every type of hunter. Elk, moose, bear, turkey, wolf, duck, each one is hunted at a different time and in a different way making hunting a versatile sport. Then, of course, there is gun hunting and bow hunting, further diversifying the sport.

Now, despite how diverse hunting can be, there is one part of every hunting trip that is consistent no matter what or how you hunt, and that is your shelter and protection. It doesn’t matter if you are hunting with a gun or a bow, if you are hunting deer or duck, you are going to need a good tent to keep yourself warm and out of the weather. But, what tent should you invest in? Well, today we are going to help you answer that question; we’re going to show you why hunters everywhere prefer an Elk Mountain Tent to any other tent you can find on the market.

What is an Elk Mountain Tent?

A tent from Elk Mountain is a tent you can rely on. These are amazing wall tents with sturdy inner frames and rugged canvas, making them some of the best tents out there. An Elk Mountain Tent can come in one of a few sizes, depending on your wants and needs, and is built out of a tough polyester canvas which means you can use it anywhere and at any time with any weather.

Why is polyester better than cotton?

Cotton will get eaten by bugs, microorganisms, and mold over time. But aren’t there treatments for that? Yep, and they are expensive and generally not included in the cost of a cotton tent. The treatment can also fade over time. Polyester simply cannot rot because it is a synthetic fiber. It offers nothing to entice critters.

It also can’t absorb water like cotton can. It won’t suddenly become an unmanageable heavy beast the second there is a sprinkle. It is naturally waterproof. You don’t need to get a water-resistant treatment (which is also expensive). You can get a rainfly for added protection but it is optional.

Polyester is stronger. Our 11 oz polyester canvas has breaking strength of 449 lbs (warp direction) and 382 lbs (fill direction), making it significantly tougher than traditional canvas which has a breaking strength of 382 (warp) and 241 (fill) for 12 oz cotton canvas and about 210 (warp) and 140 (fill) for 10 ozcotton canvas. The tear strength is 67 lbs (warp) and 40 lbs (fill); this is roughly double that of the Sunforger cotton canvas material used by other tent companies.

Lastly, modern technology has enabled polyester canvas to now have the same breathability as cotton canvas. This used to be the one main selling point of traditional cotton canvas. Breathability is important for four-season camping, but it’s no longer something you need to worry about in polyester canvas. Similarly, polyester canvas used to feel like plastic but modern canvas materials feel more like a cotton-poly blend.

Why hunters like Elk Mountain Tents

Hunters love Elk Mountain Tents because of their durability and longevity

Getting a tent that is durable and has a long life is vital to really enjoying your hunting trip. If you have a tent that isn’t very durable you are most likely going to be worried about it breaking the entire trip, meaning that you won’t be able to truly enjoy yourself. There are some tents out there that aren’t that durable and have very little longevity and their owners hate them and usually end up resenting the trip.

Hunting trips are tough on gear. Whether they accidently get scraped against a rock or fallen on by a branch, your gear is going to take a beating from mother nature. Then again, with all the gear you are taking, it is likely that your tent will take a beating form the other gear you bring.

Hunters love Elk Mountain Tents because of their weather proofing

As any hunter will know, the great outdoors, while it is marvelous, can be treacherous, and can even kill you if you spend too much time in it without protection. There are even times when well-intentioned campers have found their cheap dome tents have bowed to mother nature, causing them trouble of all sorts. But, thanks to the awesome and durable polyester no matter what kind of wind, rain, hail, or snow that comes down on you while you are camping, you are going to be safe and protected.

Hunters love Elk Mountain Tents because of their portability

Portability is a vital characteristic for a hunting tent. Depending on the hunt you go on, you could find yourself having to make camp in some hard to reach places. Thanks to the lightweight and portable materials that make up our tents here at Elk Mountain though, you can easily take your tent with you no matter where the hunt takes you.

Hunters love Elk Mountain Tents because they are comfortable

Almost any way you look at it, an Elk Mountain Wall Tent is going to be more comfortable for you on your next hunting trip than any other option on the market. Due to the large amount of expensive gear that you have with you when you are hunting, you are going to want a bigger tent with you to store it all; a dome tent just won’t be able to do that for you. If you were to try and put all of your gear into a dome tent, you would quickly find that there isn’t much room left over for you and the rest of your hunting party.

Now, comfort doesn’t just stop with the amount of floor space you have, but it extends also to head room as well. You won’t believe how much more enjoyable your trip will be if you invest in a tent that will allow you stand up straight.

Hunters love Elk Mountain Tents because of their ease of assembly

After a long drive to your hunt’s basecamp, the last thing you want to do is take the time to put together a tent that takes a thousand years to put together. There are some tents out there that feel like those 500 piece jigsaw puzzles when you put them together; but not Elk Mountain Tents. Our tents are easy to put together making putting your shelter together a quick and painless process (which is very important if you are driving a long ways to get there.

Elk Mountain sells the best tents you can possibly find for your next hunting trip. Give us a call today or check out the other pages on this website to find out more about these awesome tents. They are priced well, and ready to be shipped directly to your door. So, be sure to check them out!

The Best Tent for Winter Camping

Going camping in the winter is quite an adventure, anyone who has tried it will attest to that. Not only do you have to combat the bitter cold, but you’ll likely have to endure frigid and heavy snow, both of which can mean the death of a good camping trip. But you aren’t going to be deterred by that. No. You are ready to brave the winter like a rugged mountain man or 19th century trapper. But, to do that, you are going to need yourself a tent that can put up with as much as you can. That’s why we propose that the best tent for winter camping would have to be an Elk Mountain Tent.

The tents we sell here at Elk Mountain are some of the best and most affordable winter tents on the market. Elk Mountain Tents are canvas tents. They are user friendly, comfortable, and great for just about any sort of outdoor adventure. Not to mention they can be used at other points in the year as well so when you buy one you are not just buying a one season tent, you are buying an all-year, four season tent—some of the best four season tents in our opinion.

However, let’s look at the other reasons why Elk Mountain Tents are the best for winter (summer, spring, and fall) camping. The following are several of the vital functions of a tent and how the Elk Mountain Tent stacks up to those functions.

The vital functions of a tent:

Temperature regulation

Being able to regulate temperature is a vital function of a tent. If you can’t rely on your tent to keep you warm during winter camping, then it is simply an expensive canopy. Luckily, Elk Mountain Tents are great at regulating temperature since they are winter tents with stoves. The thick canvas walls help to keep the natural heat in and the cold out; however, the most valuable tool that an Elk Mountain Tent offers its occupants is its ability to house a wood burning stove. Thanks to the stove jack holes that are cut out of the top of the canopy, you can vent smoke up and out of your tent while still being able to heat it up to a comfortable temperature.

Protection from the sun

Even when winter camping, one must always be wary of the powerful rays of the sun. It is, in some ways, more harmful during the winter than in the summer. Even though it isn’t as hot during the winter, since the snow reflects a lot of that light back up at you, you can get sunburned almost twice as fast as on a non-snowy day. So, a good way to combat this is to have a shelter that will cover you from the sun and block the sun from roasting you from below as well. An Elk Mountain Tent is one of the best winter tents for this since it offers you convenient protection on all sides.

Protection from rain and snowfall

One of the worst things for any outdoor adventure, especially when winter camping, is precipitation. Whether it is in the form of rain, hail, or snow, it is going to be a real problem for those trying to enjoy themselves, and possibly a health hazard. If you are out in the woods and it starts dumping on you, you are going to need a tent that can not only keep you dry, but withstand the load that snow puts on it and the beating that comes with hail. Luckily, Elk Mountain Tents have you covered. Not only will their sturdy frames hold the weight of all that snow, but their canvas roofs and walls will be able to handle even the worst of hail storms.

Protection from wind

There is nothing worse than being beaten by the wind as you go about your outdoor adventure this winter. Whether you are in danger of having your face wind chapped, being chilled to the bone, or just simply being annoyed by the wind, having a thick canvas barrier between you and the wind will save you a lot of discomfort. Other tents, particularly dome tents like you would find in a department store, are not going to hold up to the wind, allowing a lot of it to seep through the stitching, not to mention the poles will probably break or bend if there is a large wind storm.


Comfort is easily one of the most important aspects of spending a night outdoors (second only to safety), and it is nearly impossible to be comfortable if you don’t have a tent that you can stand up in. Granted, if you are only planning on getting in your tent when you are going to bed, then a smaller dome tent will probably suffice. However, if you want a tent where in you can relax at any point in the day, then you really need to look into an Elk Mountain Tent. Like with most wall tents, Elk Mountain Tents are built with high straight walls so you can stand up straight and sit on a normal chair inside it. However, there is more to comfort than simply having adequate head room. Warmth, like we mentioned before, plays a big roll too.


Lastly, there is longevity. A tent needs to be resilient so it can be used for years to come. Much like you wouldn’t want to buy a new couch every year, you don’t want to have to buy a new tent every year either. Luckily, if you buy an Elk Mountain Tent, then you can rest assured that your tent will be able to hold up over the years—whether it is used a lot or not.

As you can see, everything you may ever need from your tent can be fulfilled with an Elk Mountain Tent. If you want to learn more about these amazing tents, or to order one for yourself, be sure to check out the rest of our website or give us a call today!