Camping Cold Weather Hacks For Keeping Warm

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Cold weather doesn’t need to be a deterrent for your next camping trip. Keep warm and dry with these winter weather hacks!

Pre-Heat Your Sleeping Bag

Getting into a cold sleeping bag can be a shock to the system! Pre-heat your sleeping bag by filling a water bottle (or multiple bottles) with hot water and placing them inside your bag. As a bonus, you can keep your feet extra warm with this method. And, heat application doubles as a great remedy for aching muscles after a big hike.

Winterize Any Pair of Shoes

Of course, multiple layers of socks are essential for cold weather. But, you can make any pair of shoes warmer by wrapping an extra later of wool felt or fabric around the insole.

With this simple adjustment, your shoes will be warmer even after just slipping them on!

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Winter Biking Fun

Brought your bike along for a ride, but finding the snow is slowing you down? You can easily make your bicycle snowy weather ready with the help of zip ties.

Secure zip ties around your bike’s tires to create tread for biking through the slush. A full tutorial is available here.

You can buy zip ties in bulk for relatively cheap, making this an economic hack.

Keep your boots dry

Ideally, you will have waterproof boots. But, of course, you have to plan for less than ideal situations!

Boots that have been soaked can be dried out much quicker by stuffing newspaper inside to help them dry out.

Sprinkle a handful of baking soda inside your boots if it’s on hand to combat odor, as well.

If you want to prevent your boots or shoes from getting wet in the first place, you can waterproof them by adding a protective layer of oil using WD-40 or candle wax.

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DIY Hand Warmers

Chemical hand warmers are great for keeping in your coat pockets or gloves, but if you don’t have time to go shopping, you can make your own!

Fill a plastic bag with water, and place it inside a plastic bag filled with salt. Seal the bags well, then shake to activate. These are perfect for placing in your coat pockets, boots, and more!

Not in the mood to get crafty? You can order hand warmers via Amazon in bulk.

Prevent Cracked Skin

Winter weather dries out your skin. Ideally, you can use lotion to keep your skin from drying out when the temperatures drop. But, if you don’t have any on hand, lip balm or Chapstick can be used on dry, cracked skin in small areas that tend to be exposed in cold weather, like your hands. Vaseline is also a super helpful for preventing or curing ultra-dry skin.

Don’t have Vaseline or Chapstick? Give honey a try for an ultra-natural (and sweet!) moisturizer.