Best Canvas Tents for Camping

canvas tent for camping

Spacious Camping

canvas tent camping

A more spacious tent means  you won’t need multiple tents for your next trip. It means you’ll be able to fit everyone together. It means you can bring all your bags, the food, etc. keeping everything contained. It means that you’ll have room for a stove. It means that you won’t be constantly crouched over. It means that you can bring all the extra gear that you need. It means luxurious camping.

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Camping with Everyone

camping in canvas tent

A spacious tent also means you can get that entire Boy Scout troop and their gear in there!

There are advantages to not being spread out across multiple tents. Sure, when you’ve got a fire going it’s great to be sitting around together talking and telling stories, but what if it rains? Then everyone disappears into their tents and the group vibe is gone.

Check out our article on sleep capacity for Elk Mountain Tents.

Comfortable Camping

glamping tentMost people face some sort of cold weather when they go camping, and, if they are in a dome tent, then all they really have to keep themselves warm is their sleeping bag. This isn’t a problem for the canvas tent camper though.

All Elk Mountain tents come with vent holes so campers can set up a stove and combat the chill of the mountains.

See how Elk Mountain Tents are even being used for glamping.

Durable Camping

durable tent

Camping gear, like everything else, breaks down and gets worn out. This is natural and not usually an issue for people until they realize that they have to keep buying tents every few years, which can get pretty expensive.

A canvas tent, on the other hand, will be more durable and longer lasting than most any other tents. It can handle all sorts of abuse like a champ for years to come.

Elk Mountain Tents uses polyester canvas because it is superior to cotton canvas. It is slightly, significantly stronger, is incapable of rotting, and requires no rain or UV treatments, all while having the same breathability as cotton canvas. Times have changed!

For more details on our material, check out our FAQ page.

versatile tentMore than Just Camping

Lastly, there is the canvas tent’s versatility. A canvas tent can be used for a large variety of things– many more than a simple dome tent:

Camping (Obviously)



Scouting Command Tent

Yard Sale Tent

Fair Booth Tent

Temporary Housing

Bugout Shelter (Emergency Preparedness Shelter)

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