canvas tent for winter camping

Elk Mountain Tents – The Best Canvas Tent for Winter Camping: Features and FAQs.

When it comes to winter camping, you need a tent that is strong, durable, and capable of keeping you warm. Canvas tents have long been a popular choice for winter camping, and Elk Mountain Tents is one of the best companies in the market. In this article, we will take a closer look at why Elk Mountain Tents has the best canvas tents for winter camping.

About Elk Mountain Tents

Elk Mountain Tents is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality canvas tents. The company has been in business for over a decade and is known for its attention to detail and commitment to producing durable and reliable products. They provide tents with tons of features, using a unique sturdy material stronger than traditional cotton canvas, at a super low price and shipped out the next day.

Why Choose a Canvas Tent for Winter Camping?

Canvas tents are an excellent choice for winter camping for several reasons. First and foremost, they are incredibly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including some snow loads if you have the proper frame. They are also breathable, which means that they allow air to circulate while keeping out drafts, making them ideal for keeping warm without condensation.

Elk Mountain Tents uses a unique polyester canvas that not only has the same breathability as cotton canvas but is slightly lighter and stronger than traditional cotton canvas. Their 11 oz canvas is comparable in strength to 13 or 14 oz cotton and doesn’t require expensive treatments to be out in the sun and rain.

In addition, canvas tents are always more spacious than their backpacking counterparts, providing plenty of room for gear and for sleeping comfortably, not to mention room for a wood stove.

canvas tent for winter camping.

Features of Elk Mountain Tents’ Canvas Tents

Elk Mountain Tents offers a range of canvas tents that are specifically designed for winter camping. Here are some of the features that make these tents the best choice for camping in cold weather:

  1. Stove Jack: Let’s start with the most obvious requirement. If you want to truly be warm in the middle of the winter you will need a wood stove in your tent. Other companies charge extra for a stove jack, installation and parts, but Elk Mountain Tents includes a stove jack in every model and every size. This essentially allows you to safely use a wood stove inside the tent for heating. The stove jack is designed to accommodate a variety of stove sizes.
  2. High-Quality Canvas Material: Elk Mountain Tents uses the latest in canvas technology for the best tent experience possible. In the past customers had to weigh the pros and cons of cotton vs polyester, but advances in technology have made polyester the clear winner. Polyester canvas used to struggle with condensation and that was its only drawback but modern polyester canvas now boasts the same breathability as coton canvas while maintaining all of the pros it had before, namely that it doesn’t require sun or rain treatments and is incapable of rotting like cotton canvas. It is slightly lighter and slightly stronger, meaning that the 11 oz polyester canvas is comparable in strength to the much heavier 13 or 14 oz cotton canvas.
  3. Double-Stitched Seams: All of the seams on Elkmountaintents canvas tents are double-stitched, which adds extra strength and durability to the tent.
  4. Reinforced Corners: The corners of the tents are reinforced with extra material and double-stitching to ensure that they can withstand heavy winds and snow loads. Any point where the canvas comes into contact with a pole is double canvas.
  5. Screened Windows: This is another feature that can a lot to your shopping cart. Most canvas tent companies will charge one to two hundred dollars per screened windows. ALL of tent models sold by Elk Mountain Tents come with screened windows included in the base model. The 13×16 wall tent, for example, includes 6 screened windows. These, along with ridge openings, allow for added ventilation as needed.
  6. Zippered Doors: The doors on Elk Mountain Tents canvas tents are designed with heavy-duty zippers that are easy to use and provide a tight seal against the elements.
  7. Angle Kit: There’s nothing particularly special about an angle kit excep that they are required and can be very expensive. When you think you’re getting a great deal on a canvas tent, make sure that it includes the angle kit. These are often one to two hundred hundred dollars, but they are included free of charge in every model of tent sold by Elk Mountain Tents.


Q: Are Elk Mountain Tents’ canvas tents easy to set up?

A: Well, as easy as they can be 🙂 Wall tents aren’t usually for casual campers because you have to assemble a frame and drape a heavy canvas tent over the top of it, but their tents are pretty streamlined come with all the necessary hardware and instructions. Give yourself 60 minutes if you’ve never put up a wall tent before, or 20-30 minutes if you are have lots of eperience.

Q: Can you use a wood stove inside an Elk Mountain Tents canvas tent?

A: Yes, all of the Elk Mountain Tents canvas tents come with a stove jack, which allows you to safely use a wood stove inside the tent for heating.

Q: How do you clean and maintain an Elk Mountain Tents canvas tent?

A: The fact that the material is comprised of solely synthetic fibers means it can take a beating much better than traditional cotton canvas, but just because it can doesn’t mean you should. You want your tent to last as long as possible. To clean an Elk Mountain Tents canvas tent, simply use a soft-bristled brush or sponge and mild soap to remove any dirt or stains. Do not use harsh chemicals or bleach on the canvas as this can damage the material. After cleaning, allow the tent to air dry completely before storing it in a dry place. Although polyester canvas is incapable of rotting, mold can grow on any surface.

Q: Are Elk Mountain Tents’ canvas tents suitable for solo camping?

A: Elk Mountain Tents’ canvas tents come in a range of sizes, from medium three-person tents to extra large group-sized tents, so it’s a lot of space for just one person. Now, if you’re planning on living in the canvas tent for a while, then you may appreciated the added space.


When it comes to winter camping, having a reliable and durable tent is essential. Elk Mountain Tents’ canvas tents are the best choice for winter camping due to their advanced polyester canvas, sturdy construction, and bonus features such as the stove jack and screened windows. They are relatively easy to set up, spacious, and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. If you’re planning a winter camping trip, invest in an Elk Mountain Tents canvas tent to ensure that you stay warm, dry, and comfortable throughout your adventure.