How to Prepare for Your First Big Trekking Adventure

Trekking is often a fun way to spend your down time. There is so much to see, discover and experience that it is one of the most versatile hobbies out there. You can do it alone or with friends, but as a beginner new to the world of trekking, you must prepare a little more carefully. The first big trek will be a milestone moment, so think about the following preparatory pointers to make it run as smoothly as possible.

Pack Smartly

Whether you’re going for a day or a weekend, packing smartly is a good move for every trekker. There are non-negotiable items like a supportive, good-quality backpack and a sturdy water bottle. There are also commodities like a camera and binoculars. The capacity of your backpack will dictate what you can take with you when it comes to extra items, but for the essentials like first aid equipment and navigation aids, don’t compromise!

Focus On Building Muscle Strength

Muscle strength will be highly beneficial to making your trek successful and minimizing injury. There are supplements, according to this guide, that can promote healthy muscle growth and focus on building strength in areas that will be beneficial for trekking. It is, after all, quite a physical activity as it involves a lot of walking on varied terrain which is tiring if you haven’t trained properly. So, take the time to practice walking, but also focus on the core muscle groups that need a little extra boost before the main event.

Get Some Insight into the Terrain

Trekking takes place on any type of terrain. Therefore, you must experience them and how this factor affects physical capacity before setting off on a big experience. This minimizes the risk of becoming overwhelmed, too tired or even injured owing to lack of experience and forethought.

Don’t Skimp on Your Shoe Choice

Shoe choice will be one of the most vital decisions and purchases you make for this field of interest. Treat yourself to a professional assessment to figure out what type of foot you have, and what you need for the highest level of support. The last thing you want is a blistered, aching foot because the trek will be stopped short without much hope to carry on. Expect to spend $100+ on this purchase but remember it will be absolutely worth it.

Know the Right Food to Take Along

Trekking is physically demanding, therefore the food you take along will be essential for your endurance. You will be better able to carry on and maintain energy levels if you have the right snacks as opposed to the wrong ones. Don’t be tempted to take sugary cakes, for instance, but a protein shake could come in handy.

Experience All the Weather

The last bit of preparation to think about is how you manage in the different types of weather. Trekking in the pouring rain, for instance, is quite different to a mild, cool breeze kind of day. Because there are never any true guarantees when it comes to predicting the weather, it is always helpful to gain a sense of how you will cope in the various extremes. Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger, but do try to trek about in the wind, rain, snow and beating sun. Doing this will allow you to really get to know the different demands each element will bring. A trek in the snow will always differ greatly from one in the sunshine.

The first big trekking adventure will be one you won’t forget. It could be completely smooth sailing from start to finish, or you might face some challenges along the way. As long as you pack smartly and plan your route, you’ve covered the essential bases.