Why Camping is Better in a Canvas Tent  

For the avid outdoors-lover, the decision to go camping is a no-brainer. You’re surrounded by nature, watched over by an endless blue sky, your lungs filled with piney mountain air, sleeping under the stars. It just can’t be beat. It’s amazing how quickly those serene feelings of splendor can shift once the bad weather inevitably rolls in or you start to freeze in your sleeping bag.

While so many things are both thrilling and tranquil about camping, there are a few things that could go wrong that might have a newbie camper packing and heading for the hills. In the great outdoors, you’re exposed and vulnerable to sudden and extreme weather conditions. If you don’t have the right gear to protect and insulate you from the elements, you will no doubt find camping to be anywhere from annoying to unbearable. Let’s avoid that, shall we? Instead of opting for a traditional sleeping bag and tent to camp in, try a wall tent. Here’s why camping with one is better.  

You Have a Constant Heat Source

Wall tents are designed to trap heat with the use of a small woodstove that can be placed inside the tent. The stove’s pipe exits through an opening in the wall, so you and your things stay free of smoke all night long. Having a woodstove in your wall tent breathes life into your space even in the dead of winter. Warm air is being circulated throughout the tent to keep you warm and toasty, and you’ll sleep a lot better. If your clothes are soaked through from a long day’s hike, no problem. Hang them up next to your stove and they’ll be dry by the time you wake up. Plus, you’ll always have hot water readily available when you need it!

You’re Better Protected from the Weather

Wall tents are a nice respite from the unpredictability of good ol’ Mother Nature. Unlike normal tents that can potentially blow over with heavy winds, have its stakes ripped from the soil after a downpour, or get weighed down by heavy snow, wall tents don’t have these issues. Not to mention the annoying realization when you wake up that all the clothes in your tent are damp or fully soaked due to condensation accumulating overnight. Yikes.  

Reinforced poles and a sturdy, waterproof canvas are what make a wall tent a secure haven from harsh weather conditions. Elk Mountain tents come with handy storm buckles on the front and back doors of the wall tent to ensure everything is firmly in place. You can rest assured knowing your tent will withstand the storm outside.  

It’s a Convenient and Portable Home

A wall tent may seem huge if you’re just trying one out for the first time, but it’s actually very easy to pack and transport. They are lightweight and can be collapsed and packed out for your convenience. For how durable wall tents are, it’s nice to know that they are made with the camper in mind. Your tent can be placed into a stuff sack that fits all your tent pieces.  

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There’s Enough Room in a Canvas Tent

With a wall tent, gone are the days of lumbering around your partner when you have to do your business in the dead of night. You can forget about punching them in the face in your sleep, too. Close quarters are eliminated with a wall tent, and it makes all the difference! You can section off your sleeping quarters and designate your cooking station. When you’re camping, you need access to your stuff. It’s easy to keep everything organized and ready to go when you have such ample space to use!

With all that vertical space, you can hang a light from the center of your wall tent and still have room to stand comfortably. Instead of cramming all your stuff and a friend into one little tent, your wall tent is your roomy little home away from home. Everyone’s got their personal space, all your gear and belongings are laid out nicely for the morning, and you’re a happy camper.  

You’ll Never Go Back

Once you make the switch to a wall tent, you’ll leave your old tent in the dust! Campers who’ve made the switch often stick with their wall tent because it allows for so much more freedom, comfort, and protection while camping. Because of the overwhelmingly positive differences between the wall tent and a normal tent, those who’ve chosen to camp in a wall tent have noticed their love of camping skyrocket.  

Just think about that for a moment. Take away the negative aspects of camping such as sleeping in a cramped, wet space, getting horrible sleep because you only have a bag and your body heat to warm you, and taking forever to get ready in the mornings because your stuff is unorganized. What do you have left? You’ve got a fantastic camping experience that might even get you motivated to stay outdoors longer or go camping more often!  

There are so many instances where campers are thrilled to venture out into the wilderness to camp, hunt, or just escape from the hustle of their normal week, only to be put off when it comes time to sleep in their tent at night. A person’s sleeping situation while camping can make or break a trip! That’s why wall tents are your best option. Instead of saying, “I wish I was back home sleeping in my own bed,” a wall tent will keep you warm, dry, sprawled out, and comfy. Having these basic necessities while camping will change the way you camp, and you’ll be able to focus on your love of the outdoors more than ever.  

To understand just how great wall tents are, try one out for yourself. You’ll see why we absolutely love them! Here at Elk Mountain, we sell tents in various sizes at affordable prices. Email or call us if you have any questions you need to be answered.