Sell Your RV and Get a Canvas Tent

You’ve dreamed of road-tripping the US for years and then it finally happened. You bought your first RV and embarked on the journey of a lifetime! Cruising through America’s national parks, enjoying the wide open road, making memories that you’ll travel back to in your mind for years to come. With your newfound independence and mobility, you’re ready to take on the world and live your life chasing adventure.

After being on the road for a few weeks, the costs begin to add up the further you go and the longer you travel. If it breaks, you’ll need to pay costs for repairs and maintenance. Then there’s the fuel situation. A good rule of thumb for RV travel is that you will pay twice the amount you do for your usual vehicle. 

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Canvas Tent Travel and Living is Cheaper

Another factor to consider is what type of RV you want to purchase. Buying a new RV will be far more expensive than one that is used. Don’t forget about the fees that come with parking your RV in different parks and areas as you travel. In general, an RV can cost between $10,000 and $300,000 depending on the make and features you go with. You’ll even be paying for it when you aren’t using it because of insurance. 

Living in an RV is a huge lifestyle change. There is a lot of housekeeping and upkeep that comes with owning your own RV that takes dedicated work to complete. Why are we telling you all this? So you can save money, of course! You can have the same adventures with just your car and a wall tent!

Canvas Tent Living

Explore the country in your car and sleep under the stars. What could be better? Not only are you more connected to nature and the great outdoors, but you are also saving so much money by camping every night the old fashioned way! If you’re staying in one location for a few days, wall tents are your perfect solution. 

Canvas Tents with Wood Stoves

Wall tents do a superb job at keeping all the warmth within their durable canvassed walls and can withstand harsh weather conditions like strong winds, downpours, and heavy snow. So you won’t have to worry about being miserably cold throughout the night. You can even get yourself a cozy wood stove and put it right in your tent to burn low while you sleep. The smoke pipe leads out of a specialized section of the wall so you aren’t bothered by the smoke. You can even set it up so that you can cook food and boil water without leaving your tent.

Cooking on the Go

What about cooking on the go? Grab yourself a compact car stove and voila! You’re good to go. How about showering? If your RV has a built-in shower, you might not enjoy the transition to camp or lake showers. It all depends on your preferences. Some people prefer the familiar comforts of their RV, and others would rather have the full camping experience while they have the opportunity to do so. After all, which option really gives you that feeling of “getting away from it all”? Camping in a tent definitely takes the cake. It’s all about what you are willing to sacrifice to save all that money you’d be investing in an RV. 

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Tent vs RV Camping

Many travelers consider this the ultimate debate: tent vs. RV camping. Avid camper Timothy Egan wrote an insightful article published in the New York Times, “Camping, like optimism, is coded into the American DNA.” In his article, he reflects on a conversation he had with an RV family who he once camped near while in his tent. He points out that many tent campers don’t consider an RV as “real camping” because of how all basic technologies and comforts are included. He spoke to a camper who said they came to that particular park to get some peace and quiet, but all they could hear at night was the sound of a TV or the RV generators! 

It is true that you have everything you could ever need included in your RV like real beds, a shower and bathroom, and a big kitchen. But there’s just something about the raw, real thrill of camping that has adventurers dreaming of falling asleep by a crackling fire every night and never looking back. 

One big drawback to camping in an RV is that you physically can’t get to some places because the RV is just too big to fit. You may want to travel to lots of places and see the sights, but if you have an RV you will have to carefully consider where you can actually take it without its size becoming an issue. 

Whether you are an RV camper or a tent camper, one thing that unites us is our mutual desire to enjoy the outdoors with our loved ones any way we can, any way we like. Elk Mountain Tents is a big fan of all things deeply rooted in the heart of the outdoors. We believe enjoying our wild world shouldn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. Nature shouldn’t have too much of a price tag at all. 

Our wall tents will give you the best value for what you are paying for. They are the epitome of comfy camping and are superior to normal tents in every way. With a wall tent, you will be able to withstand the elements, stoke the fire, cook those morning scrambled eggs, store your gear, sleep on a cot, fully stand up and walk around, and more! It’s the middle ground between roughing it in a small tent and enjoying the amenities that come with RV travel. Ask us about our wall tents today and we’ll get you on the right track to having an outdoor adventure you’ll love.