Best Wood Stoves For Your Tent

You have just purchased a brand new tent to go camping or maybe you are still making up your mind about which exact model to go with. Either way, to have the best trip possible, you are going to want to have all the greatest accessories on the market. There are plenty of things that are sure to enhance your outdoor adventure, but few are as comforting as a wood stove for your tent. Winter camping can become a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience, and even the cold summer nights will be made so much more cozy with one of these nifty things. Not only can a wood stove help you stay warm and comfortable, but it can be great for cooking a warm meal and drying off your wet clothes. Luckily, each of Elk Mountain’s canvas tents comes with a built-in stovepipe jack, so just find the stove you want, and you should be able to comfortably fit it into your tent. There are plenty of great stoves to choose from, and listed here are some of the very best on the market:

You don’t need to search far and wide to find a great stove. In fact, there are great options under your very nose! At Elk Mountain’s online shop is the Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove, which fits nicely in any of their canvas tents. This stove is practically built for camping, with removable and adjustable legs that allow for easy transport as well as stabilization on uneven ground, as well as a wide shelf and drying rack. The stove comes with brackets for a water tank, a 10 ft. chimney pipe with a 5-inch diameter, and a wire spark arrestor. As a bonus, if you order the $250 stove from Elk Mountain’s website, you’ll get it shipped for no additional cost! Also on the website is a 3-gallon water tank that fits perfectly onto the cylinder stove as well as a convenient 3×5 Silicone fiberglass stove mat.

Another popular stove on the market is the Guide Gear outdoor tent wood stove, which is praised for being super durable and is built to last a long time. It can be found on Amazon for about $120, so it is certainly cheaper than many other similar stoves. With its flat surface on top, it can be put to good use boiling water, keeping coffee and saucepans at a high temperature, and can cook your breakfast on a cold morning! This stove is very conveniently transported, with the entire stove (including the legs) being able to nest and fit inside itself.

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The SHTFandGO Bullet Proof 50BMG Rocket Stove is the definition of a heavy-duty stove, with a very wide base to guarantee that it will remain stable, and a large great that can fit about any size pot (perfect for cooking for a big group!). The rocket stove is made to last, with strong steel that won’t warp over time and heat resistant paint (up to 1200 degrees). Some great perks about this stove include the built-in handle to make transportation less of a burden and a design that allows it to produce almost no smoke with dry wood! It can be purchased for around $185 on Amazon.

These stoves fall more into the heavy category, but if the camping spot that you are heading to is a bit of a walk, you may want to consider purchasing a lighter weight tent stove. Most lightweight stoves are made from galvanized steel, which is typically able to make its weight about half of the heavier stoves. While these are perfect for easing your load on a long hike to a campsite, there are some disadvantages. The lighter stoves are less durable and won’t hold heat for as long. The bright side of this is that they are typically cheaper. If you are only going to use it on occasion, this might be a better option for you.

Lightweight Stoves

One popular choice in this category of stoves is the G-Stove, which is enjoyed by many people who are just getting into using a wood stove for heating. Its compactness means that it does not take very much wood to start warming up the place. The stove is also a “starter pack,” meaning that there are upgrades available when you feel the need to improve upon it.

The SilverFire Hunter Chimney Stove is another great choice for a lightweight stove. It is popular to use both indoors and outdoors, and it can create heat quite easily. Just gather some twigs from around your campsite, throw them in the stove, and you are guaranteed to get warmed up quickly! In addition to its ease of transportation, it can be set up very quickly and without much hassle.

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In the subcategory of lightweight stoves, there are collapsible stoves, which are typically a bit more expensive but worth it to save space and transport from place to place with ease. They save space by disassembling conveniently. Even the stovepipes are built like telescopes and can easily be collapsed.

The Uncompahgre Collapsible Pack Stove is one of the most well-liked compact tent stoves on the market and though it is very small when carrying, it stands 19 inches tall when fully assembled. It is made from 20 gauge black steel and covered in a layer of 1200 degree paint (so don’t worry about the paint coming off!). The stovepipe comes in 5 pieces that are each 20 inches long, and all of this weighs less than 32 lbs., making it perfect for transporting on horseback or an ATV. It is priced at around $340, but that larger price tag is worth it if you are all about convenience and saving space!

The Winnerwell Woodlander Tent Stove is popular for how simple it is to assemble. It also comes with just about anything that you would ever need in a stove, including a fireproof mat, a water tank, a spark-arrestor, pipes, and a carrying bag. The best part about all of those accessories is that they can all fit right in the stove, offering easy transportation all around. It also features a removable hot plate cover, which makes for convenient cooking and gives you better control over the heat. The grates on either side of the stove can fold up to serve as a perfect carrying handle. This thing pulls out all the stops to be complete package all for right around $350!

Stove Accessories

After you have chosen the right stove for you, you may want to consider purchasing other accessories to help enhance your experience while camping.

A pipe damper is a nice little tool to have that can limit the airflow through the stove, making some wood that would normally only last a few hours burn for the whole night! This is such a nice thing to have when winter camping, as it will help you to sleep nice and warm for hours! And for a price as low as $15, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

While some stoves do come with a water tank, most don’t, so it might be a good idea to pick one up. This can be handy for washing up or making coffee or hot cocoa while you are camping out in the cold. Most water tanks can conveniently hang on the side of the stove pipe.

Some campsites that you go to may not have a lot of firewood to use, so you may need to resort to alternative forms of fuel. Propane and pellet burners can help in this department, but make sure you check to see if they would be compatible with your stove before making the purchase!

One of the most enjoyable upgrades to your tent stove could be a chimney oven. What is nice about this is that it uses the waste heat that is already coming from the stove and uses it to bake! If you have ever wanted to make some biscuits or cookies while you were camping, this thing is sure to keep you satisfied!

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Another important thing to note is to make sure that your stove pipe is doing its job and letting all of the smoke out of the tent. If any smoke escapes into the tent it can end up being a very dangerous hazard, so make sure everything is working properly before you go camping!

You should feel a little more informed as to which stove and what accessories you would like to purchase. Go out and do some more research for yourself to know which one will best suit you and your needs. You may find plenty of other great stoves that seem perfect for you, but this article should give you an idea of what kind of stove you should be looking for. We are excited for you to take that Elk Mountain tent of yours on the adventure of a lifetime, and to keep warm and make delicious hot meals along the way!