Who Buys a Canvas Wall Tent?

Who Buys a Canvas Wall Tent?

Wall tents are pretty unique when it comes to gear you take out into the great outdoors. They are larger and more durable than most tents and they are typically water proof as well, not to mention they have a host of great features that sets them apart from other tents. Now, these differences make the canvas tent very valuable for some people who do lots of different things when they travel out into the wilderness; but that begs the question then: who buys canvas wall tents and why do they buy them? Well, that is what we want to discuss today, the different uses of wall tents and how they are used.

Those who go Camping

As you can probably tell, one of the most expected of uses would have to be for camping. Camping is a nationally, maybe even globally loved pastime, one that not only captures hearts but wallets too. Camping can be pretty expensive depending on where you go and what your needs are. However, one of the universal needs is a tent to sleep in. While there are types of camping that don’t require a tent, like when one sleeps ‘under the stars’, most forms of camping do require a tent. When it comes to tents though, most people buy a dome tent from their local supercenter and call it good. Now, this approach might be less expensive and more simple, but it will limit you in many ways when it comes to camping. You really need to get a canvas camping tent, commonly known as a wall tent, if you want to have all the room and safety you may need on a camping trip. This is thanks to the sturdy construction and waterproof nature of the materials the tents are made of and the fact that they are tents with stoves as well.

Those who go Fishing

While a simple fishing trip to the nearby river probably doesn’t need a canvas wall tent, any sort of overnight trip to go fishing will require a tent of some kind. Wall tents are specifically useful for fishermen and women because their added height means that poles and rods can be stored overnight without deconstructing them. However, the real benefit of having a canvas tent when it comes to fishing trips is when you go ice fishing. A canvas wall tent is a great shelter for an ice fishing excursion as it will do a wonderful job keeping you and your crew warm out on the lake.

Those who go Hunting

Like fishing, hunting is another time when a canvas wall tent can come in quite handy. There is a lot of gear that goes into hunting—a lot of gear—and this gear can get pretty expensive. When you go hunting, it is best to have a tent large enough for both you and all of your gear because, if it isn’t big enough, your gear is going to have to be stored in the car, in a separate tent, or left out inside to the mercy of the elements. All of which are undesirable for several reasons. The extended amount of room you get in a wall tent allows you to keep all of your gear with you so that it won’t get damaged or stolen.

 Those who go on Expeditions

Whether it is a scout outing or a search and rescue party, using your canvas wall tent as a home base of operations will prove to be very useful. Much like war chiefs and generals will set up tents as portable structures near the field of battle, a wall tent can be put up in minutes as a temporary shelter for commanding from. You’ll find that these wall tents are the perfect item for any sort of expedition and you won’t want to be without one when the time comes.

Those who need Space for Events

Wall tents are great for events for many reasons. Much like in our previous section, the canvas tent allows you to have portable shelter for events that would otherwise be left out in cold (or the heat for that matter). For example, you could use a wall tent as a mini store at a street fair or carnival, or you could use it as a water station at a concert. The possibilities are endless. The reason they are so great for events is that they are portable. Most events are only in one place for a short period of time, not permanently, there is no use to build a structure. But, with a canvas wall tent, they can have the protection they need without having to worry about building anything.

Those who need Temporary Housing

Then, of course, there is temporary housing. If someone’s house needs to be fumigated, or there is a natural disaster that displaces hundreds to thousands of people, a canvas tent will definitely come in handy. As we have mentioned before, wall tents are roomy, durable, and portable making them the perfect back-up for someone in a situation where they may not have a home. Not to mention, they offer those that live in them the privacy that a normal tent wouldn’t give them.

An Excellent choice for Anyone

All things considered, there are probably more uses for a canvas wall tent than we can list here. This means that the answer to the question “who buys canvas wall tents?” can really be anyone! Just about anyone can find a use for a wall tent, making them one of the most useful pieces of gear you can buy. So, be sure to buy your own wall tent from Elk Mountain Tents! Our tents use a unique polyester canvas that is superior to cotton canvas because it is stronger, lighter, and requires no UV, rain, or mold treatments. Your tent purchase will be one of the best you ever make if you plan to spend any extended period of time outside. So, be sure to check out our wide selection of tents, they come in several sizes, and have many different features for you to utilize. If you want to know more about canvas tents be sure to check out our other blogs or give us a call today!