Christmas Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy People in Your Life

Photo courtesy Marina Khrapova via Unsplash

Christmas is just around the corner, and with literal days left to shop for everyone on your list you might be panicking.

If any of the lovely recipients on your Christmas shopping list are outdoorsy types, then keep reading for some ideas.

Christmas Cheer in a Cup

Give your loved one the gift of a hot beverage of their choice— or, well, at least the way to keep it hot with an insulated tumbler. Yeti makes some of the most popular, BPA-free tumblers best at keeping hot things hot and cold things cold.

Of course, there are plenty of non-brand name tumblers that will get the job done. As an add-on, consider putting a gift card to wherever your recipient enjoys buying their drink of choice, like Starbucks or Sonic.

Fashion Sense

If you know the recipient’s clothing sizes, consider getting them some cozy new digs for winter camping or hiking. This is another gift that is quite versatile, as you can go on the low-end with some comfy socks (which are generally quite easy to guess the size of the recipient) or on the high-end with, say, designer hiking boots. Looking for something unique? Check out this USB chargeable heated unisex vest.

If you want something fail-proof, you can go classic with a soft flannel shirt or zip-up hoodie, since a common trait amongst those who love the outdoors is that they understand the importance of layering!

Lighting Their Way

Photo courtesy Andreas Dress via Unsplash

You can never have enough flashlights or lanterns on a camping trip. Whether your gift recipient enjoys hiking from time to time or is a full on outdoorsman, a new flashlight or lantern is a perfect option as a gift. Plus, the gift is available for all budgets, whether you’re buying a budget-friendly keychain flashlight to a more high-tech option. Want something a bit more fancy? Check out this LED lantern which flickers warm light and doubles as a bluetooth speaker.

Water Lovers

For those who enjoy fishing or boating, consider getting them a practical, but thoughtful gift that shows you care about them as they enjoy their favorite hobby. Oliberte makes a spray on waterproof wax, effectively making any item waterproof. Ideally, it is used on shoes or boots to make them withstand rain and water.

Another practical gift that’s also reasonably priced is a floating key chain, which can keep up to six keys from submerging into water.

If you don’t mind spending a little more, consider a waterproof phone case. Lifeproof makes very effective, but pricey, cases for a variety of devices. Plus, this is a great gift to show you care about the recipient.