Why You Need a Hunting Tent

If you like to hunt, fish, camp, raft or do anything else outdoors, for that matter, then you really should consider buying a hunting tent for your next trip. Now, we know there are plenty of different tents out there, some of which are pretty well priced even, but hear us out: your trip will be 10 times more enjoyable with a hunting tent. Why? Because hunting tents are some of the best and most comfortable tents you can buy. We’re getting ahead of ourselves though. Below, we have a list of 4 reasons why you want a hunting tent for you next outdoor adventure.

Hunting Tents are Roomy

It is no surprise that a hunting tent will give you a lot more room than a standard dome tent that you’d find at the department store. They are easily 2 to 3 times the size, in both floor space and headroom, giving you a lot more room to work with. More space is always better.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a roomier tent because the reasons may be more substantial than you might think.

More room for people and gear

The most obvious reason that a bigger tent is better is that they can fit more people. With more space means you can take more of your buddies out with you, or you can at least bring less tents. However, while this is great, the real benefit of extra space has to go to ability to bring in more gear.

Just think about it, if you don’t have enough space in your tent for your gear, you’ll have to set up a whole new tent for it, or leave it in the truck (which is sometimes not possible). In a situation where you don’t have room in the tent, don’t have a second tent, and the truck is a mile or so down the road, you are faced with two terrible options: you can either try and cram all your gear in your tent or you can leave it outside with a covering to protect it from the elements. Both of these options, which can work, put your gear at risk of being damaged. If you had a proper hunting tent, though, then it is less likely to be an issue since you have the added room.

More room to work if things need to be fixed

While we are on the subject of gear, let’s talk about what inevitably happens on every trip: something gets broken— and it always happens at the worst time too. With a hunting tent, though, you won’t have to try and work on your broken gear outside where dirt, water, and grime can creep in and make matters worse, you can simply set up a small table in your tent and instantly have more than adequate work space.

More room for a stove

Another benefit of having more space is that you can also fit a stove inside the tent. We’ll cover this a little more later, but honestly, having a stove in your tent makes a world of difference when the cold comes rolling in. Putting a heater in a normal dome tent is dangerous, but with a hunting tent, it is safe and easy to do.

Hunting Tents are Warmer

Like we said before, hunting tents have plenty of room for a stove, making them 10 times warmer than that of a dome tent. Usually these stoves are wood burning stoves, that way you don’t have to worry about bringing fuel. These stoves will radiate heat throughout the tent while pumping its smoke out a small exhaust pipe through the roof of the tent. However, it isn’t just the stove that makes it warmer, the material it is made of plays a big role as well.

Thanks to the thick walls of your hunting tent, the wind and the rain won’t get to you nearly as much as any other tent. That means you will have no more gusty nights or dripping roofs robbing you of sleep. We recommend a polyester canvas material for your tent since it now has the same breathability as cotton canvas but doesn’t require UV sun treatments or waterproofing and is incapable of rotting.

Hunting Tents are More Comfortable

As you can probably already tell, the extra space and warmth of a hunting tent equate to greater comfort while out on a trip. You won’t be cramped or cold, and you’ll find yourself getting a much better night’s sleep as well. After a long day of trekking around the wilderness, you will be able to lie down and rest in comfort while you enjoy the still of the night.

Hunting Tents will Last Longer

When you compare a hunting tent to a normal dome tent it is almost certainly going to last longer than its department store counterpart. This is especially true when you are comparing a polyester canvas hunting tent from Elk Mountain Tents to a standard dome tent. The sturdy design of the canvas and frame make our tents superior in every way to a big-box store dome tent and will last significantly longer too. A hunting tent will not tear or rip as easily as other tents, nor will it degrade after only a year or two of moderate to heavy use. Our unique synthetic canvas, in particular, has a significantly higher rip and tear strength than even cotton canvas. In the end, investing in better tent can more economical, saving your wallet for years to come.

There are plenty more reasons why you need a hunting tent for your next outdoor trip, but these are probably the most agreed upon. If you do any more research into the benefits of a hunting tent, you will find that there are many people that are passionate about their hunting tents and can give you mile long lists of reasons why everyone should buy one. But, you never will know for yourself unless you buy one and try it out! Check out our inventory of different canvas hunting tents to see which one would be right for you. If you have any questions about the tents check out our FAQ page or shoot us an email at [email protected].