Outdoor Date Ideas Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of  Everton Vila via Unsplash

Valentine’s Day is coming up quicker than you think. Do you have something special planned for your sweetheart?

The impulse might be to reserve a spot at the fanciest restaurant that you can afford (or not afford), but most places are likely booked up at this point. Besides, doesn’t your special someone deserve a date as special as they are?

Do something different this holiday by taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors for your next date spot.

Plus, if you can swing a full weekend rather than one day, you can check out our guide for the ultimate romantic tent setup for a camping trip with your loved one.

Read on for our date suggestions.

Hot Chocolate and Stars

What’s more romantic than the starry night? We aren’t sure, but hot chocolate certainly helps!

To make it extra memorable, choose a spot with little distractions and get away from the city lights. Don’t forget a warm blanket (or two) to combat the chilly February air.


If your sweetie likes a little more activity on dates, consider taking them geocaching. This fun activity involves looking for specific points using GPS, kind of like an expansive scavenger hunt. The joy of reaching your destination is one way to bond, just as working together towards a common goal can strengthen your relationship.


If you want some adventure this Valentine’s Day but your climate is too cold for stargazing or wandering the woods, maybe the answer is warmer gear— the kind you might wear hitting the slopes. If you or your partner is new to skiing (or both of you) this is a great opportunity for one or both of you to try something new. Cheering each other on is a wonderful way to bond, and you can talk about it all with something hot to drink afterward. And if you’ve both already been skiing, consider trying a new winter sport. Snowboarding or ice skating, perhaps?


Ok, maybe skiing and the like is a bit too much for your valentine. But, you can still get some outdoor time in by looking up local hiking trails to enjoy. Just make sure to tell your date to dress warm in advance.

Make your hike extra romantic by packing along a picnic for two. If you’re not much of a cook, many grocery stores have gourmet food selections that are pre-made and easy to pack. Add a bottle of wine or sparkling cider with cheese and/or bread to enjoy it with. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate!