How to Prepare Your Kids For Tent Camping in Canada

It’s not an exaggeration to say that when you have kids, your life will change. While most changes are positive – children you love, memories to make, a family home – there are things to consider.

For example, you’ll find that travel becomes more complicated. You have to plan the camping trips with a little more care – after all; you have these young children who aren’t familiar with camping. They need extra reassurance and a routine to adjust to camping.

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Start Small

When trying to build up to tent camping in Canada, you shouldn’t throw your kids in at the deep end. They’re not going to adjust immediately, which can help you adjust properly.

An excellent way to start the ball rolling is to practice camping in the backyard. If you don’t have a backyard, you could camp in the living room.

The purpose of the exercise is to try and get your kids used to camp. They need to see that it can be an exciting adventure, something to enjoy – having familiar toys and bedding can help.

Go Further Afield

When you’ve had a little practice with camping, it can be wise to go further afield. You want to build up to an entire weekend of tent camping in Canada, which can take time.

It can be good to practice camping for a night here and there – this helps reinforce the routine that your kids will need. Tent camping can be a challenge for younger kids, so taking the time to practice can be a good idea.

Teach Mindfulness

For many kids, what can make them hesitant to try tent camping in Canada is a fear of the unknown. As adults, we can look at a dark wood and understand that there are probably creatures living inside it. They won’t hurt us (usually), and they all exist in peace. Kids don’t have that understanding. They look at a dark patch of woodland and think of monsters – it’s part of a child’s imagination.

Practicing mindfulness can be an excellent way to help overcome this fear. Ask your kids to stop and listen to what they can hear, what they can see. They might hear an owl or see a bird in the sky. They may even see a squirrel or a fox. But knowing can help set their minds at ease and make camping a fun activity.

Final Thoughts

Tent camping in Canada is something that you can do with your kids, but it’s wise to let them adjust to it.

These kinds of activities, for a child, can be overwhelming if they experience them all at once. Kids need the comfort of being able to approach things at their own pace. By building up to a good tent camping experience, you’ll be able to thrive.

Tent camping is a fun activity, and people often find they make unforgettable memories doing it with their kids. However, it’s all about building up to it and getting them familiar with the experience!