What to do with a large tentWays to Use Your Tent

When people first hear the word tent they automatically start thinking about camping. Yet people have been using tents for thousands of years and not just to get out of town for a few nights. They often used them when traveling, shelter when fighting in wars, or to sell goods in. Today we often think tents are only good for camping. And if you are not fond of camping then it is not something you think you will ever need to buy. A good canvas tent, especially an Elk Mountain Wall Tent, is something worth investing in. There are so many different purposes one of their canvas tents can be used for. Here are just a handful of ways you can use a large canvas wall tent.

Tents for Camping

The first and most obvious way to use a canvas wall tent is to go camping. After all, people all around the world love to go camping. As previously stated, tents are mostly used for camping trips since it is something you absolutely must have when going camping. An Elk Mountain Wall Tent is a four-season tent which means no matter what the weather is like outside you can go camping. The canvas used in their tents is high-quality waterproof and yet breathable polyester. It is lighter and stronger than traditional canvas. The wall tent is also extremely large and spacious enough to allow someone to stand in without being hunched over. Your tent will need to be large enough for everyone to sleep and store their belongings in the tent as well. And if the weather does unexpectedly turn bad you want a place that is comfortable to shelter in. If camping doesn’t appeal to you these tents also work well for glamping trips. Glamping is a portmanteau for glamorous camping. You can easily fit many of the comforts of home like a cozy bed and chairs in a wall tent. Thus making your tent more appealing and homely.

Tents for Hunting Trips

The second way to use a canvas wall tent is when you go on a hunting trip. The time of year most people go hunting is during the fall when weather can often be unpredictable and cold. Therefore having a place where you can stay warm when you are not in your tree stands becomes absolutely essential. An Elk Mountain Wall Tent is made to withstand the rain and snow. It also has a stovepipe jack opening. You can have a wood stove in your tent to keep it comfortable and snug. The other reason to have a tent when hunting is that a hunting trip requires a lot of heavy and expensive gear. Without a wall tent you would be forced to keep it outside, which would leave it exposed to the elements. Or you would have to leave it in your car or keep it in a separate tent. This could make your gear an easy target for theft, loss or even make it harder to access when you need it. With a wall tent you would have plenty of room to sleep and store your gear in one secure place.

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Tents for Fishing Trips

The third way to use a canvas wall tent is when you go on a fishing trip. If you plan to spend more than a day fishing, then bringing a wall tent is absolutely essential. Like hunting having a comfortable place to sleep even when the weather takes a turn for the worse is both convenient and essential. It is also advantageous to have a large wall tent in order to keep fishing poles and rod fully assembled rather than having to take them apart to fit in a smaller tent or to simply go home. But one of the most vital reasons for having a wall tent is when you plan to go ice fishing. A good canvas wall tent will protect you from both the cold and wind while you are out fishing on the lake.

Tents for Family Gatherings

The fourth way to use a canvas wall tent is when you are going to have some kind of large gathering like a family reunion. Since most large family gatherings occur in the summer it is good to have a place that is large enough for everyone to gather in while keeping out of the direct sunlight. The canvas used in Elk Mountain tents has a high break and tear strength, which makes it more resistant to ultraviolet rays. A wall tent is large and versatile enough to be used as a place to gather for meals, playing games, or simply socializing. Since your family will likely spend a good deal of time in the large tent it will need to have plenty of ventilation in order to keep it from getting too hot in your tent. A wall tent from Elk Mountain has six screened windows which will allow airflow in and keep bugs out. These wall tents also have ridge openings to allow additional airflow in the tent. This will ensure your group will want to gather in this tent and keep them cool even in the hottest of temperatures.

Tents for Parties

The fifth way to use a canvas wall tent is for outdoor parties like weddings, wedding receptions, or graduation parties. Those kinds of gatherings can be extremely stressful and with a tent, all you have to do is simply set it up. Rather than having to rent a space and transporting all your decorations and food. A wall tent will allow you to have a visible centralized location. This will allow people to know where they can find you and your party. This is important especially if they are there to celebrate a milestone for you. A wall tent will also allow you and your guest to stay cool in some shade if the weather is hot. Or the tent will help you and your guests stay warm if it unexpectedly becomes windy or cold. This is once again due to the many windows and ridge openings that can be easily be opened or shut. The other great feature of having your party in a tent is, it keeps bugs away from you and your food. Nothing is more annoying than having to constantly swat flies away from your plate of food and drink. Not to mention, the thick canvas wall which will keep out UV rays and the screened windows will help any gathering be comfortable regardless of the weather.

A Shop Tent

The sixth way to use a canvas wall tent is if you have a booth at either a fair or a farmers market. A wall tent is great since it can be set up the day of your event and when it is over, just as quickly, take it down. You also want people to linger and consider buying whatever goods you have made. Having a large open tent will allow people to comfortably peruse and admire your goods at their leisure. Having a wall tent will also protect your goods from the elements, from any unwanted bugs or vermin, and keep your goods secure from possible theft.

Tents for Temporary Housing

The seventh way to use a canvas wall tent is for temporary housing. Life is often unpredictable and you can never plan for the day when something bad happens to your home. Having a large wall tent will add some peace of mind knowing you will always have a place to sleep. Whether your house is damaged in a natural disaster or your house is being fumigated and you cannot enter it for the day, a wall tent is a perfect shelter for you and your family. It is large enough to give the entire family plenty of space to sleep and to be able to store their essential belongings. It also has higher ceilings than your average tent which will allow you to comfortably stand and walk around. The inside space in the tent is also very versatile and can easily be set up to provide privacy for your family.

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The eighth and final way to use a canvas wall tent is for a hobby shelter or as a storage area. If your house just doesn’t have the space for you to pursue your passions then a wall tent may be your answer. The tent is large and spacious so you can enjoy your hobby in comfort. It also allows others to join you in your hobby without becoming too crowded. It also ensures your privacy from others while you enjoy your hobby. Or if you simply don’t want to build a storage shed you can use your tent to safely store your possessions. The canvas in this tent is made to last so you don’t have to worry about the length of time you keep this tent set up. It is made to withstand all of the elements without affecting its durability. And you can rest easy knowing whatever you store in this tent is secure.

As you can see tents are not just used for camping anymore. There are many reasons that people used tents in the past and still use them today. Elk Mountain Wall Tents are so versatile and are worth investing in.