Why Choose an Elk Mountain Tent

As any outdoorsman or woman will tell you, a camping trip is only as good as the shelter you sleep in. Even in situations where you’ve been soaked and chilled to the bone, there is nothing better than knowing you have a warm, dry, and comfortable bed to slip into after a long day of battling mother nature. However, with all the different kinds of tents and other shelters available, how do you know what will work best? Well, that is where we come in; today we are going to talk a little bit about some of the best tents on the market, Elk Mountain Wall Tents. These tents are incredible, that’s why we sell them. The tents we have available on this site are some of the best out there and are worth every penny. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s break this down first and talk about what qualities you need in a tent to have a comfortable night’s sleep out there in the great outdoors and we’ll get into how Elk Mountain Tents measure up to those needs.

What makes a great tent?

The first question we need to ask is ‘what makes a great tent?’ and the answer is not as straight forward as you might think. A great tent is, in its most basic form, a tent that you can rely on—a tent that meets your needs. So, the real questions is, ‘what do I need my tent to do?’. Once you can answer that question, you will know what tent will best suit you. So, the best thing to do is to make a list of what you plan on doing with your tent. Do you plan to go hunting? What about backpacking? Are you going to be out for weeks at a time, or are you going to come home after one night? You see, all of these questions will help you to better understand what you are going to need from this tent. Then, once you have the answers to those questions, you can better assess the environmental conditions of that your tent will be subjected to. Once you know what you will be using the tent for and what season and climate it will spend most of its time in, you are going to be much better equipped to make a decision on what to buy.

Now, at this point, many of you may have run into a problem because you aren’t sure exactly what you want to do with your tent—or you simply have too many diverse things you plan to do with it. If this is the situation you are in, then you are in the right place, because the tent you are looking for is right here. You see, if you are unsure of what you are going to do with your tent, then you need a versatile tent that can handle many situations—and there are few tents as versatile and useful as an Elk Mountain Tent.


Versatility is the most important part quality to look for in a tent because it gives you the freedom to try out many other outdoor opportunities. Now, there are few tents as versatile as a polyester canvas wall tent like one of ours here at Elk Mountain Tents. These polyester canvas wall tents are so versatile that you can easily use them in any of the 4 seasons and any environment. This versatility is thanks to the water and weather proof walls and ceiling that keep out the cold and the rain and the windows and vent holes that can be used to ventilate the living area as needed.


Another very important thing to remember when you are buying a tent is warmth. Warmth is vital to a camper even if you are camping in hot areas since most outdoor destinations still get mighty cold at night. So, be sure that you add the ability to be warmed on your list of requirements for a tent. When it comes to Elk Mountain Tents, those windows come in handy when it comes to keeping the place warm too. When these windows and vents are shut the tent acts as a hood, capturing the heat created by its inhabitants. Now, of course, there are other ways to heat these tents; in all models of our tents there is a hole in the roof designed for a stove jack for a wood burning stove which will allow you to heat your tent with a live fire!


Adventuring in the great outdoors can be brutal on your gear, and if you don’t invest in a quality tent, you may have to buy another one after only a few years. However, if you buy a tent that is made of strong material, like a canvas tent, you can count on that tent to last you for a while. Thanks to their polyester canvas, Elk Mountain Tents are some of the most durable wall tents out there. Polyester canvas has a much higher break and tear strength compared to cotton canvas. It also requires no sun or rain treatments and is incapable of rotting or shrinking over the years.

With these Elk Mountain Tents being so durable, they are quite reliable as well. Thanks to their rugged construction you can count on your tent to last you for years and years to come. Even if you use it multiple times a year in all 4 seasons, you can count on your tent to be ready for the next adventure.

As you can probably tell, we are proud of our tents and we truly believe that they are the most versatile and durable tents on the market. They are great tents that will ensure you have the protection and comfort that you need to make your next outdoor adventure a success. Give us a call or check out our shop to order yours today!