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Elk Mountain Tents is very popular for its high-quality canvas wall tents. They offer the best prices for wall tents that you can find, made with a unique polyester canvas that is guaranteed to last a long time and withstand the outdoor elements. However, if wall tents aren’t your thing, you may want to check out Elk Mountain Tent’s new option, their Yukon Bell Tent.

Just what is so great about this tent, or bell tents in general for that matter? One advantage is that they have a very tall center height, offering plenty of room to stand up comfortably inside. The wide bottom also offers a good amount of floor space. If you enjoy camping but often tend to feel cramped inside of a tent, a bell tent might just be the right choice for you. The Yukon is very comfortable as well, with plenty of ventilation so you won’t get too hot during those bright summer days. It also comes with a stove jack, which is a great thing to have for a winter campout. You won’t only have plenty of room, but you can stay warm and cozy just like you would in a cabin when you bring a wood stove along with you.

Elk Mountain’s Polyester Canvas Fabric

The Yukon Bell Tent has all of the great features of Elk Mountain’s wall tents. It is made of the same polyester canvas material that their wall tents have been praised for. This material is naturally waterproof and has reinforced seams, so you can guarantee that your camping experiences won’t be ruined by unexpected rain, and there is no need for a rainfly. Many similar tents are made from cotton canvas, which absorbs water rather than being naturally resistant to it. Cotton canvas can also grow mildew and mold and tends to shrink, none of which will be a problem with this bell tent’s fabric. You also won’t have the condensation issues that many tents may have as polyester can be just as breathable as cotton if prepared correctly. Other inconveniences of cotton canvas are that it isn’t resistant to ultraviolet rays and is very heavy. The polyester canvas in the Yukon Bell can withstand the ultraviolet rays (ideal for summer camping) and is lightert in comparison to cotton. The fabric for the 13 ft. diameter option weighs 50 lbs. while the 16 ft. weighs 70 lbs. This is a must-have if you go camping somewhere where you have to hike a distance to get to your spot.

This polyester canvas is also made to be much stronger and more durable than canvas, guaranteeing that it will last a long time. It is an 11 oz canvas and has a breaking strength of 382 lbs. (fill direction) and 449 lbs. (warp direction). This is a lot stronger than comparable (10-12 oz) cotton canvas which has a breaking strength of 140-241 lbs. (fill direction) and 210-382 lbs. (warp direction). The tear strength of Elk Mountain’s canvas is also significantly higher, at 40 lbs. (fill) and 67 lbs. (warp). This is almost twice as strong as the tear strength of the commonly used Sunforger canvas material. Elk Mountain’s canvas was designed by hardcore hunters and campers, for hardcore hunters and campers.

The Yukon Bell Tent is very well ventilated, as it includes 4 screened windows that can be easily tied open or can be kept closed with Velcro. It receives additional ventilation from 4 screened peak air vents and sides that can unzip and tie-up. Other aspects of the tent to know when you purchase it are that it includes a complete frame (a center peak pole and A-Frame poles for the door), a zipped in floor, a zippered door, 3 ft. sidewalls, mosquito netting on the windows and vents, ropes and stakes, a tent bag, and an uncut stove pipe jack with a cover. The jack can accommodate stove pipes measuring 4 inches, 5 inches, or 6 inches, and you can cut it according to what you need. The floor is made of 540g PVC and zips into the bottom of the tent. It also conveniently curves 3.5 inches up the wall, creating a kind of bathtub floor to better keep out water. The center pole is made of galvanized steel and can break down into 3 segments for easier transportation. There is a rubber gasket at the top and bottom to protect the floor and canvas material from damage. The doorway uses an A-frame pole system, with the longest pole being 40 inches. It is sure to remain stable during any bad weather, as it includes 24 stakes (or 28 for the 16 ft. model) to keep it in place as well as 11 guy ropes (13 for 16 ft.) as well as an extra-long one for the doorway. The tent bag is large enough to keep the whole tent as well as all the poles and stakes inside.

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Yukon Bell Tent Sizes

There are two excellent options to consider when buying a Yukon Bell Tent from Elk Mountain. The smaller one is 13 ft. in diameter while the larger option is 16 ft. in diameter. The 13 ft. option is 4 x 4 meters, the top of the tent to the top of the doorway is 5 ft. long, the height of the center pole is 8 ft., the doorway is 5 ft. tall, and the walls are 3 ft. high

The 16 ft. option is 5 x 5 meters, the top of the tent to the top of the doorway is 8 ft. long, the height of the center pole is 10 ft., the doorway is 5 ft. tall, and the walls are 3 ft. high.

One of the best things about the Yukon Bell tent is that it conveniently includes a stove jack, allowing room for a wood stove to keep you warm during those cold winter campouts. One great option for a wood stove is the Alpine Heavy-Duty Cylinder Stove, which can be found on the Elk Mountain website for $250. There are so many things that make this the ideal wood stove to have in your tent. The stove is designed in such a way that each component can conveniently nest inside of it, allowing for easy transportation. Even the legs are removable and can fit snugly inside. It includes a door damper for control over the heat and a spacious cooktop for cooking food or boiling water. It has a wide shelf that can function as a convenient drying rack, a very handy feature when it is cold and wet outside. The chimney pipe is 5 inches in diameter, meaning it can fit easily into the jack included with the Yukon Bell Tent. The heavy-duty steel that it is made of ensures that the stove will last you a long time. The length of the legs can be adjusted for the times you are camping on uneven ground. It includes brackets for a water tank, so if you need to heat more water, a standard water tank (which can also be purchased from Elk Mountain Tents for $100) can easily be attached. One of the greatest things about the Alpine Heavy-Duty Cylinder Stove is that it ships for free alongside the tent. The box it arrives in will weight 73 lbs. and have dimensions of 25 x 15 x 14 inches. Additionally, for $45, Elk Mountain Tents sells a stove mat/tent shield, which is a silicone fiberglass blanket that the stove can neatly sit on top of, protecting the floor and wall of the tent from heat damage.

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While the Yukon Bell Tent is great to use any time of year, the winter is certainly the ideal time to have one of these tents. The material is sure to keep you warm, and if you have a tent stove, you are going to have one of the most comfortable winter campouts you can dream of. When the wind and snow are attacking from outside, you can stay nice and relaxed inside the comfort of this remarkably roomy tent. The strong, durable, high-quality polyester canvas is exactly what you need to protect you from the outdoor elements no matter what it looks like outside. It is also convenient to set up, as one person alone could set it up if necessary, which is a good quality in a tent as big and spacious as this one is.

Overall, if you are wanting a fresh and comfortable camping experience, you should look into getting the Yukon Bell Tent from Elk Mountain. It is one of the best options on the market if you want an inexpensive yet high-quality tent that can be used during any season of the year and has plenty of space both to lay down and stand up. The Yukon Bell could end up becoming your favorite tent for years to come, and investing in one is well worth it, as they are truly built to last. The 13 ft. diameter option can be purchased from Elk Mountain’s website for $699 and the 16 ft. diameter option is available for $799.