Let's buy a multi-room tent!Best Freestanding Tents in 2023

With new tent designs being developed all the time, there are more great options available now than ever before! One of the best aspects of these designs is new tent technology, which makes tents stronger, more durable, lighter, and easier to set up, among other things. Many recent tents have been built as freestanding models, meaning you don’t need to stake the tent down. This not only makes setup easier, but it also provides new possibilities as to where you can pitch your tent. There’s no need to worry about finding an open spot that has soft enough ground to put stakes in. The biggest drawback to these shelters is that they tend to be a bit heavier than non-freestanding tents, but this is simply to offer stability, so you don’t need to worry about it blowing over. Listed here are many of the newest and best freestanding tent options available in 2021.

MSR Hubba 1-Person Freestanding Tent

If you are in the market for a freestanding backpacking tent for a solo adventure, you should check out the MSR Hubba 1-Person Freestanding Tent. It packs down small enough to fit in your backpack without difficulty, and it weighs less than 3 lbs., leaving you with plenty of room to fit all of your other gear. Few other freestanding tents are this lightweight while managing to stay sturdy. It is a 3-season tent, with Eastone Syclone poles that are built to withstand high winds, so you can trust it to hold up against mild winds and a bit of rain, though you probably shouldn’t use it during winter. The ripstop nylon and nylon mesh materials work together nicely to give you the protection from the elements that you need while maintaining enough breathability, so your tent doesn’t turn into a sauna by the morning.

The tent design provides height and width enough that you can sit up comfortably and move around as needed. The side door is large enough to get in and out of the tent with ease, and the added vestibule gives you a nice spot to keep your gear. With a color-coded hub and pole system, it is designed for quick and easy setup and takedown, so you can settle down after a long, hard day of backpacking without having to exert any extra effort. The material includes Xtreme Shield waterproof coating, which lasts much longer than most polyurethane coatings, allowing you to safely use it in the rain for a long time. The MSR Hubba Freestanding Tent is available online for around $480.

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Luxe Tempo 2-Person 4-Season Freestanding Tent

You may be looking for something a bit larger that you can use for backpacking during any season. If so, you might want to look at the Luxe Tempo 2-Person 4-Season Freestanding Tent. This strong, durable backpacking tent only weighs 3.3 lbs., while still maintaining durability enough for winter camping and stability enough not to need staking down. It has excellent waterproofing as well as insulation, so you can be comfortable knowing you will be warm and dry no matter what is going on outside. It is built to withstand years of wear, so if you are a hardcore backpacker and need something reliable, this might be your best option.

There are 2 versatile doors that can be closed all the way for protection against bad weather or can leave a mesh panel open during the warmer parts of the year when you need ventilation. The tent also has a foldout porch area to give you a shaded spot during the hot summer weather. The already strong nylon material is coated with polyurethane to help it hold up against rain and ultraviolet rays. Thanks to the 2 sizeable vestibules included, both people sleeping in the tent will have plenty of room to keep their backpacks and other gear. If you and a partner are planning on going on a backpacking trip together, this is absolutely the right tent to satisfy you both, no matter what time of year it is.

Kelty Salida Freestanding Tent

Available in both 1-Person and 2-Person sizes, the Kelty Salida Freestanding tent is one of the most popular freestanding tents out there, for both regular camping trips and backpacking adventures. The material in the walls of this tent is 68D polyester while the floors are made from 68D ripstop nylon. It also includes a 68D polyester rainfly which covers the entire tent, managing to keep it safe even from heavy rain. There is enough room inside to fit inside with all your gear, as well as pockets inside for storage. The large D-shaped door makes it easy to get in and out of the tent, and it has built-in mesh to provide ventilation without allowing insects to get inside. The setup of the structure is quite simple thanks to a color-coded system in addition to the freestanding design. The Kelty Salida is a 3-season tent, making it excellent for the warmer parts of the year, with enough durability to hold up against wind and water. The poles can fold down small and compact, and a carry bag is included for easy transportation. It weighs just 4.57 lbs., so if you have to hike to your campsite, you will be glad to know that the tent won’t add to the burden of weight. You get a fantastic bang for your buck with this model too, as it can be purchased online for just $150.

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The Hyke and Byke Yosemity Freestanding Tent

The Hyke and Byke Yosemite Freestanding Tent is another excellent lightweight shelter. As its name suggests, it is a great tent for backpackers and mountain bikers, thanks to its weight of 3.26 lbs. and compact size when folded up. The design allows for plenty of interior space, enough for 1-2 people plus all of their gear. With a gear loft and corner pockets, it is easy to keep everything organized without losing small items. It is durable enough to withstand unexpected rough weather, thanks to a 5000 PU waterproof coating. With reinforced seams, a 2000 PU polyester rainfly, and a bathtub-style floor, you can rest easy knowing that rain isn’t going to leak inside.

The mesh walls of the tent are also strong enough to hold up against the elements and breathable enough to offer you plenty of ventilation. The tent’s setup is quick and easy thanks to the two-pole clip-on design. When it is folded up, it fits into a convenient carry sack that makes it easy to keep in your backpack. With dimensions of 88 x 54 x 45 inches, 2 people can fit inside, but it is a tighter fit, making this the perfect tent for one person to have enough space to move around and keep all their gear inside. If the look of your tent is a factor for you, you will be impressed to see that there are 7 different colors that the tent is available in. For just $100, this tent is an absolute steal when it comes to freestanding options.

Bravindew Instant Pop-Up Freestanding Tent

For a group of people, the Bravindew Instant Pop-Up Freestanding Tent is the perfect structure. Not only does it not need staking down, but it also has a pop-up design which makes setup quick and simple. All you need to do is take it out of the packaging and the tent does the rest of the work for you. This is a great option for summer group or family campouts, with two large mesh windows that can be covered or uncovered to allow airflow through the whole tent. The windows can even extend out into awnings using guy lines, providing a nice, shaded spot to relax. Inside the tent, you will find storage pockets to keep your gear organized and keep small items from getting lost, as well as a spot to hang a lantern and provide light. The tent will last you for a long time, thanks to the high-quality 210T polyester material which is coated with polyurethane to provide sufficient water resistance. It only weighs 8.5 lbs., which is impressive considering its 4–6-person capacity.

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ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Freestanding Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Freestanding tent is one of the best options to look at if you need something reliable against regular rainfall. It is easy to set up thanks to a two-pole dome design with sturdy yet lightweight fiberglass poles. The tent’s fly is resistant against rain and ultraviolet rays and even has vents to allow sufficient airflow while keeping you protected. The tent has a mesh roof and two mesh doors for quick entrance and exit and great ventilation. The inside of the tent has mesh pockets, a loft, and two large vestibules to store all of your gear inside. While it is freestanding, it also includes aluminum stakes and guy ropes in case you need extra stability. It weighs just over 7 lbs., so it might be a bit heavy for backpacking, but it’s light enough for easy transportation to your campsite. It can be purchased online for $120 and is a great option for anyone seeking an inexpensive yet effective rain shelter.

There are so many great freestanding tents on the market right now, whether you just need something quick and simple like the Bravindew Instant Pop-Up that can keep you and a small group inside or a lightweight and easy-to-assemble backpacking tent like the Kelty Salida. Find the right freestanding tent for you, and don’t go through the pain of finding an open spot with soft enough ground anymore.