Let's buy a multi-room tent!Best Multi-Room Tents

If you are looking to purchase a new tent but want something that will allow you to enjoy some privacy from your family, friends, or camping group, or even if you want to keep your gear organized and separated from your sleeping area, you are in luck! There are plenty of great multi-room tents and tents with dividers that are high-quality, durable, and sure to make your camping trips more relaxing. These tents come in a variety of price ranges, so whether you want to buy a tent that will hopefully last you many years into the future or one that won’t break the bank, you are sure to find the right model to suit your needs.

On the cheaper end of multi-room tents is the Ozark Trail 3-room Tent. The 2 dividers on the inside can be removed with ease, making it a versatile option if you think you may want to have one room of open space on some of your outdoor trips. There is a large door through which you can enter the main room, and there are even side doors that give each room its own entrance, offering that bit of extra privacy as well as making it so you can go to the bathroom during the night without waking everybody up. It has a lot of pockets inside that can aid in gear storage and organization, and for its size, it is quite light (just over 30 lbs.), so it should be easy to transport from place to place. It is a 10-person tent, so it can fit 3 queen mattresses, but it is a tighter fit than it would be in a 12-person option. There is plenty of room for most campers to stand up comfortably, with a center height of 78 in. The seams of the rainfly are reinforced, offering solid protection against water, though probably not enough for heavy rainstorms. The tent also takes 20 minutes to set up, which is quite a bit longer than many other tent designs offer. If you have someone helping you should be able to set up more quickly. The Ozark Trail is best for those on a tight budget that are looking for a large tent or only plan on camping occasionally since the tent isn’t built to last for extended periods. You can find the tent online for around $160.

Ozark Trail Base Camp

Ozark Trail also offers a 4-room option, the Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent. It is quite spacious at 20 x 20 ft., making it a great base camp for a family reunion or a comfortable tent for relaxing in the great outdoors. Each of the 4 rooms forms a wing of the tent, giving it an “x” shape, and allowing the individuals or groups inside the tent to keep to themselves when they need to. There is enough room inside to cozily set up 5 queen air mattresses, and with a center height of 78 in., it should be easy enough for most to stand up and walk around inside. Like the last tent on this list, each room of the tent has its own entrance, offering as much privacy as you can get while camping without any risk of disturbing those in the other rooms. The room dividers are sewn into the tent, but they can be tied back if you ever want more open space. There is plenty of airflow and ventilation thanks to the 12 windows (which can be zipped open or shut). Setup is pretty simple for a couple of people, though it takes about 20 minutes to get the tent ready. The disadvantages to this tent are its durability and lack of waterproofing, so it works best if you are looking for a large, inexpensive option that you won’t need to use when the weather is rough outside. It is also a bit heavy, at 47 lbs., but that is to be expected for a tent of this size. You can purchase this tent for around $300.

CORE Instant Cabin Tent

The CORE Instant Cabin Tent is quite similar to the 3-room option from Ozark Trail, but it has a few more advantages that bring a reasonable price increase, especially if you want a 3-room, tent that will last you for a long time. For one, it is a bit larger than the Ozark Trail, since it can sleep 12 people and has a more generous center height of 80 in. Another thing that makes this model stand out is what gives it the title of “Instant Cabin”; It only takes 2 minutes to set up! You won’t get much better than this if you want to avoid the hassle that often comes from setting up a tent. The frame is already assembled inside, so one person simply has to click everything into place. With a total floor space of 18 x 10 ft., you can easily fit a queen-sized air mattress in each room of the tent. It is water-resistant with a relatively durable rainfly, though it isn’t fully waterproof so you shouldn’t use it in anything more than average rainfall. Getting in and out of the tent thanks to large double doors on the front and back. There are also zippered mesh windows, a mesh ceiling, and ground vents that provide plenty of ventilation. The CORE Instant Cabin costs just over $300 if you purchase it online.

Jack Wolfskin Lodge FR

Though it doesn’t fit as many people as other tents on this list, the Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR tent makes up for that with its high quality and extra privacy. The tent can sleep 5-7 people, and it has 4 total rooms, offering enough space for several individuals or a few couples to each have an area for themselves. This tent stands out from others due to its tunnel design that maximizes space and its large porch area for relaxing in the shade. There are a variety of sleeping arrangements thanks to the versatility offered by the two detachable inner tents. These can be attached or removed depending on how many people you want to fit inside and how much of the tent you want to transport from place to place. The larger of the inner tents can be divided into two rooms as well as a central space with a center height of 80 in. The outer tent has an excellent waterproof rating of 4,000 mm, and the polyester footprint is rated at 10,000 mm, so this tent will be able to withstand even the biggest of storms and keep water from leaking inside. In addition to holding up so well against water, the outer shell of the tent is durable, resistant to ultraviolet rays, and remarkably lightweight. It offers three zippered mesh doors, vents that can be opened or closed, and sturdy PVC windows, which all provide great ventilation as well as protection from bad weather when needed. The tent also comes with aluminum poles that can prop up one of the doors, turning it into shade when you are sitting outside. In addition to having room to stand up comfortably, there is space in the tent for tables and chairs if you would like a lounging area inside, especially if there is rough weather outside and you need to get away from it for a little bit. There are pockets on the walls that provide a lot of space to store and organize your items, and there is even a port for electronic cables. It is an easy tent to set up, thanks to the Air Truss technology included, which allows the tent to be inflated and deflated in 5 minutes without needing to worry about poles. It is a more expensive option at about $1700, but if you are looking for a multi-room tent that is both durable and easy to set up, you won’t get much better than this.

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Outdoor Revolution Kalahari PC

As far as 6-room tents go, you won’t find an option better than the Outdoor Revolution Kalahari PC 7.0 Air Tent. It can comfortably fit 7-11 people inside, and it includes a covered front porch area, a living room, and several bedrooms. There is a lot to love about this tent, including the sewn-in groundsheet, plenty of space for tables and chairs in the main room. The windows in the main room have curtains in addition to being tinted, offering extra privacy while allowing natural light in. The cotton-polyester blend that the Kalahari is made of is extremely high-quality and offers protection from rain and ultraviolet rays. The material is durable and made to last a long time, so it could be worth the investment if you go camping often, especially in large groups. There are three actual bedrooms in the tent, though the porch area can act as a fourth, and additional bedrooms can be attached if purchased separately.

Elk Mountain Tents

Elk Mountain Tents does not yet offer mult-room tents but you can make such rooms yourself by having tents back to back or by putting up dividers one of the larger models. The biggest advantages to tents from Elk Mountain Tents is that the canvas is made from premium 100% polyester, meaning you don’t have to worry about rain, sun, or rot

There are all kinds of great multi-room tents available, coming in a variety of unique designs. Take a look at these options and do some searching for your own, and you are sure to find the right one to suit your needs, whether it be a durable option with a lot of rooms or a less expensive option that gives you all the privacy you could want.